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Adoption & Foster Care Adoption & Foster Care
Adoption Counseling
Adoption Placement
Family Services Volunteers
Group Homes for Dependent Children
Arizona Information Arizona Government & More
Chambers of Commerce
Cities & Towns
Civic/Political Participation Volunteers
Courts - City/County
Courts - Superior
Courts - Veterans
Elections/Voter Services
Fire Departments
Fire Services Volunteers
Law Enforcement Volunteers
Library Assistant Volunteers
Parks & Recreation
Police Departments
Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture Volunteers
Dance Performances
Library Assistant Volunteers
Music Performances
Opera Performances
Theater Performances
Visual Arts Exhibits
Caregiver Services Caregiver Services
Caregiver Counseling
Caregiver Support Groups
Caregiver Training
Family Caregiver Subsidies
Respite Care
Respite Care Volunteers
Clothing Clothing
Clothing Donations
Baby Clothes
Diapers/Baby Clothing Donations
Free Clothing
Consumer & Financial Services Consumer & Financial Services
Budget Counseling
Consumer Complaints
Consumer Protection
Credit Counseling
Debt Consolidation
Personal Finances/Tax Assistance Volunteers
Tax Preparation Assistance
Disability Related Services Disability Related Services
Accessibility Information
Assistive Technology
Attendant Services
Braille Instruction
Braille/Large Print Materials/Collections
Center Based Employment
Centers for Independent Living
Comprehensive Employment Programs
Developmental Disability Programs
Disability Information
- Autism
- Birth Defects
- Brain Injury
- Cerebral Palsy
- Down Syndrome
- Hearing Loss/Deafness
- Learning Disabilities
- Paralysis
- Spinal Cord Injury
- Vision Loss/Blindness
Disability Rights Groups
Friendly Phoning/Visiting
Friendly Phoning Volunteers
Groups Homes for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Hearing Aids
Home Visit Volunteers
Housing Discrimination Assistance
Housing Information
Independent Living
In-Home Meals
Medical Equipment/Assistive Devices Donations
Mobility Aids
Paratransit Driver Volunteers
Parenting Programs
Parking Permits
Reading Services
Respite Care
Respite Care/Home Health Volunteers
Service Animals
Services for Students with Disabilities
Sign Language Interpretation
Special Needs Job Development
Speech Reading Instruction
Sports Programs
Therapeutic Camps
Visual/Reading Aids
Domestic Violence Services Domestic Violence Services
Child Abuse Hotlines
Child Abuse Prevention
Child Abuse Reporting
Domestic Violence Counseling
Domestic Violence Hotlines
Domestic Violence Prevention
Domestic Violence Shelter
Elder Abuse Counseling
Elder Abuse Prevention
Elder Abuse Shelter
Elder Abuse Support Groups
Education Education
Charter School Associations
Colleges and Universities
Educational Administration Associations
ESL Classes
GED Instruction/Testing
Head Start
Homeless Education Liaisons
Life Skills Education
Literacy Programs
School Districts
School Supplies Donations
Services for Students with Disabilities
Teaching/Tutoring Volunteers
Tutoring/Homework Help
Employment Services Employment Services
Child Care
GED Instruction/Testing
Employment Preparation
Job Assistance Centers
Job Finding Assistance
Job Training
Unemployment Insurance
Work Clothing
Work Clothing Donations
Family Services Family Services
Adult Day Programs
Child Care
Child Care Volunteers
Divorce Counseling
Divorce Support Groups
Family Preservation Programs
Family Support Centers/Outreach
Housekeeping Assistance
Marriage Counseling
Mentoring Volunteers
Parent Counseling
Parenting Skills Classes
Thrift Stores
Thrift Store Volunteers
Youth Enrichment Programs
Financial Assistance Financial Assistance
Budget Counseling
Credit Counseling
Debt Consolidation
Electric Bill Payment Assistance
Gas Bill Payment Assistance
Medical Bill Payment Assistance
Mortgage Payment Assistance
Personal Finances/Tax Assistance Volunteers
Prescription Expense Assistance
Rent Payment Assistance
Rental Deposit Assistance
Water Bill Payment Assistance
Food/Meals Food/Meals
Food Boxes
Food Collection Volunteers
Food Co-Ops
Food Donations
Food Stamps
Meal Delivery Volunteers
Meal Preparation Serving Volunteers
Meals Delivered
Meals Served
Arizona Information Give Help
Airline Miles
Animal Food/Supplies
Building Materials/Supplies
Cell Phones
Computer/Office Equipment & Supplies
Diapers/Baby Clothing
Gift Cards
Household Goods
Leisure Equipment/Supplies
Medical Equipment/Supplies
Military Donations/Relief Programs
Natural Hair/Wigs
Personal/Grooming Supplies
School Supplies
Tools and Equipment
Vehicles and Boats
Animal Services
Arts & Culture
Board/Committee Members
Business Assistance
Civic/Political Participation
Clerical/Office Assistance
Computer/Internet Services
Construction/Home Maintenance
Counseling & Support
Criminal Justice/Legal Services
Disaster/Emergency Services
Donation Management
Environmental Causes
Family Services
Food Services
Health/Disabilities Related
Interpretation & Translation
Recreation Activities
Special Event Support

Volunteer Recruitment/Placement

Court Ordered Community Service

Health & Dental Care Health & Dental Care
Adolescent/Adult Immunizations
AHCCCS (Medicaid)
AIDS/HIV Clinics
AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling
Childhood Immunizations
Disease Information
- Alzheimer's
- Arthritis
- Cancer
- Craniofacial
- Cystic Fibrosis
- Diabetes
- Epilepsy
- Heart Disease
- Kidney Disease
- Leukemia
- Liver Disease
- Lung Disease
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Ostomies
- Parkinson's
- Polio
- Stroke
Emergency Rooms
Eyeglasses and Contacts
Family Planning
General Dental Care
General Health Care
Healthcare Navigators
Home Nursing/Long Term Care
Hospital Visit Volunteers
Medical Bill Payment Assistance
Medical Care Volunteers
Medical Equipment/Assistive Devices
Medical Marijuana
Patient Support Volunteers
Pregnancy Counseling
Pregnancy Testing
Prescription Discount Card
Prescription Expense Assistance
Respite/Home Health Volunteers
Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education
Support Groups for Health Issues
Housing & Home Services Housing & Home Services
Free Furniture
Halfway Houses
Handyworker Volunteers
Home Maintenance/Minor Repairs
Home Modification/Rehabilitation Programs
Homeless Shelters
Household Goods Donations
Housing Discrimination Assistance
Landlord/Tenant Assistance
Low Income/Subsidized Rental Housing
Mortgage Payment Assistance
Rent Payment Assistance
Rental Deposit Assistance
Transitional Shelter
Weatherization Programs
Legal Assistance Legal Assistance
Child Support Assistance/Enforcement
Court Ordered Community Service
Landlord/Tenant Assistance
Legal Aid
Legal Services Volunteers
Legal Issues Education/Information
Missing Persons Location Assistance
Mental Health/Counseling Mental Health/Counseling
Anger Management
Counseling for Couples
Counseling for Families
Counseling One-on-One
Counseling Volunteers
Divorce Counseling
Grief Counseling
Grief Counseling Volunteers
Parent Counseling
Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling Volunteers
Suicide Prevention Hotlines
Suicide Prevention Programs
Support Group Facilitation Volunteers
Support Groups for Mental Health Issues
Youth Counseling
Military & Veteran Services Military & Veteran Services
Armed Forces Emergency Services
Military Donations/Relief Programs
Military Transition Assistance Programs
Supportive Services for Veteran Families
VA Medical Centers
Veteran Benefits Assistance
Veteran Education Benefits
Veteran Outpatient Clinics
Veteran Reintegration Counseling
Veteran Support Groups
Veterans Courts
War Related Bereavement Support
Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation
Botanical Gardens/Arboreta
Boys & Girls Clubs
Parks & Recreation
Recreation Centers
Recreation Volunteers
Senior Centers
Zoos/Wildlife Exhibits
Pets & Animal Services Pets & Animal Services
Animal Adoption
Animal Rescue
Animal Services Volunteer Opportunities
Animal Shelters
Donate Animal/Pet Food/Supplies
Free Pet Food
Veterinary Care Expense Assistance
Reentry Services Reentry Resources
Ex-Offender Counseling
Ex-Offender Employment Programs
Ex-Offender Reentry Programs
Families of Inmates Support Groups
Offender/Ex-Offender Support Groups
Tattoo Removal
Refugee Services Refugee Services
English as a Second Language
Resettlement Services
Senior Services Senior Services
Adult Day Programs
Congregate Meals
Elder Abuse Counseling
Elder Abuse Prevention
Elder Abuse Shelter
Elder Abuse Support Groups
Estate Planning
Foster Grandparents
Friendly Telephoning Volunteers
Home Visit Volunteers
Independent Living
Senior Centers
Substance Abuse Services Substance Abuse Services
Alcohol Abuse Counseling
Alcohol Abuse Inpatient Treatment
Alcohol Abuse Outpatient Treatment
Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Alcohol Abuse Residential Treatment
Drug Abuse Counseling
Drug Abuse Inpatient Treatment
Drug Abuse Outpatient Treatment
Drug Abuse Prevention
Drug Abuse Residential Treatment
Smoking Cessation
Smoking Education/Prevention
Substance Abuse Prevention Volunteers
Support Groups
Support Group Topics Support Group Topics
Aging/Older Adults
Alcohol Dependency
Alzheimer's Disease
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Bereaved Children/Parents
Burn Survivors
Chemical Sensitivities
Chronic Pain
Domestic Violence
Drug Dependency
Elder Abuse
Emotions Anonymous
Families of Inmates
General Bereavement/Grief
Hearing Loss
Homicide Survivors
Liver Disease
Lou Gehrig's Disease
Low Vision
Lung Disease
Mental Health
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Myasthenia Gravis
Pet Loss
Post-Polio Survivors
Sexual Assault/Incest
Sexual/Love Addiction
Sickle Cell Anemia
Smoking/Tobacco Addiction
Spina Bifida
Spinal Cord Injury
Stroke Survivors
Suicide Survivors
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
War Related Bereavement
Transportation Transportation
Bus/Light Rail Service
Transportation for People w/ Disabilities
Transportation for Seniors
Transportation Volunteers
Tribal Services Tribal Services
IHS Clinics
IHS Hospitals
Native American General Assistance
Native American/Tribal Law
Tribal Council Offices
Tribal Courts
Tribal Enrollment Records
Tribal Police
Utility Assistance Utility Assistance
Electric Bill Payment Assistance
Gas Bill Payment Assistance
Water Bill Payment Assistance
Youth Services Youth Services
Adolescent/Youth Counseling
Boys & Girls Clubs
Juvenile Diversion Programs
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
Mentoring Volunteers
Recreation Volunteers
School Supplies Donations
Scouting Programs
Teaching/Tutoring Volunteers
Youth Community Service Programs
Youth Enrichment Programs


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Whether you click or use the search box, please
click on the names of the agencies and programs
that come up in your search and read their
descriptions, eligibility requirements, intake processes,
and other information before contacting them.

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